Q? What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a open source P2P digital network created in 2009 by pseudonymous author Satoshi Nakamoto. The protocol allows the user to send, store and receive value at a significant low cost and in a short matter of time. Bitcoin avoids the need for central authorities and issuers.

Q? What is a Bitcoin Exchange?

It is just a marketplace, where people interested in buying bitcoins find sellers interested in selling their bitcoins and vice-versa.

Q? How does a bitcoin exchange work?

The exchange allow buyers deposit AED and sellers deposit Bitcoins. The exchange then allows buyers transact with sellers.

Q? Does the exchange buy/sell bitcoin directly?

No. We are providing a service. Think on the exchange like eBay, we are just providing a service where you can find buyers or sellers.

All we do is provide a safe and simple environment to trade with other users, that is all.

We guarantee that buyers get their bitcoins and sellers get their money at agreed price.

Q? How do I deposit local currency into my account?

On the main menu, click on “Deposit local currency” and a new window will appear. You will have to specify the amount of AED you want to deposit in order to buy bitcoins. Have in mind that the exchange might charge you a fee every time you wish to make a deposit.

Q? How to deposit BTC ?

On the main menu, click on “Deposit BTC” and a new window will appear. The platform generates a unique address that will only be valid for that specific transaction and with a time limit to perform the deposit. Scan the QR code and send the BTC. After blockchain confirmation you will see the amount of BTC you sent credited into your trader account. No fees are charged for depositing BTC except from the one required by the blockchain to confirm the transaction. IMPORTANT: Never save the deposit address, never reuse the same address or your deposits won’t be confirmed.

Q? How to withdraw AED ?

As simple as the deposit process. Request a withdrawal in the main menu and a new window will appear showing the steps you have to follow. After specifying the amount and filling in the required information (account # or IBAN , Swift #…) the money will be sent to your account. Please be aware we apply applies a fee on every withdrawal.

Q? what is Fee to use services of Aceibit ?


Fee Structure





0.001 BTC ( miners fee )





AED Deposit


24 to 48 Working Hours & Bank Confirmation

AED Withdrawal


24 Working Hours

BTC Deposit


1 Confirmation For Amounts Below 0.5 BTC

BTC Withdrawal

0.001 BTC ( miners fee )

Fully Automated